Boat Namings

Published Sun 21 Apr 2024

A day of considerable celebration always follows a boat naming and Saturday was no exception.

Three boats and the new boat trailer were the focus of our attention. The following images provide a summary of the celebrations.

The Meghan Hester

Lining up the bottle for a decisive hit

The perfect hit

And the exhilaration

And then beside the boat before a row

The row

The Julie Orr

The Orr Family

The hit

The aftermath

An excellent result

The Will to Win

Sam Patten asked that his honour be named the "Will to Win", a rallying call of the Late Jim Sprigg. His mother Patsy Patten did the honours.

Patsy and Gina discuss the task at hand

Patsy has obviously done this before.

Enjoying a job well done

The Trailer Al

Recognising our Patron Sean Colgan with a play on words of his nick name "Trader Al" followed with the new boat trailer donated by him.

The honours were done by the Captain, Alex Clarke.

Again a good hit

And a good job splattering the bubbly over the trailer