Step 1/7: Let's get started
Step 1/7: Let's get started

New members

If you are applying to become a new Member of Mercantile Rowing Club, please click on the "New Member" button at the foot of this page and follow the prompts. Please ensure you are familiar with the Terms of Membership and refer to the Terms document to determine which class of membership you wish to apply for.

The membership year is 1st July to 30 June. Membership applications for Senior membership after 1st December in any year is at 50% of the normal rate.

Your membership application will be presented to the Committee for approval at their next meeting, held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Renewing membership

Renewal of current membership

To renew your membership, simply pay your membership invoice. If you have lost it, please call us or email for a new invoice.

Past members rejoining

If you are a recently past member wanting to rejoin your membership, THANK YOU. Please click on the "Returning Member" button at the foot of this page and follow the prompts. You may still be on our database.


Membership categories

Please check that you are applying for the correct membership level. A brief description of the membership levels follows.

If you intend to race please ensure you provide proof of your DOB during the application process.

Senior competitive

This class of membership is for athletes competing regularly in competition. It provides for full access to our boathouse including boats, gym and changerooms. Most importantly, this class of membership provides athletes with some of the highest quality coaching in Australian rowing today, graded training programs and backed up with regular sport-science testing.

Senior active

This class of membership is for active members, particularly in the club and masters squads. This membership includes access to boats, gym and changerooms.


This class of membership provides retired rowers, rowing supporters and others with access to our gym and changerooms. Not to be forgotten, it includes full access to the bar – which is open on the first Thursday of every month. You will often catch Senior members enjoying a well-earned drink after a short stint on the ergs in our gym.

Junior (School Leaver)

This class of membership is specially designed for young athletes who are about to leave secondary school (currently Year 12). It provides a similar class of membership as Senior Competitive, with full access to boats, gym, club facilities as well as highest quality coaching and training programs. It is designed to provide young athletes with a smooth transition from school rowing to the Mercantile rowing program.

Junior (Development)

This class of membership is for young athletes at secondary school currently in Years 10 & 11. It provides an introduction to life at Mercantile, as well as providing a head start to your senior season(s) on your school program.

Those interested in Junior (Development) membership should email the Club to discuss their application at:-   


This category is for past Mercantile rowers and coaches who maintain their membership in the Club but do not use the equipment. 


This class of membership provides members, now overseas, interstate or in country Victoria, with the opportunity to continue to support our club. It provides access to the clubhouse and the bar, should members find themselves at the clubhouse on trips to Melbourne!


This class of membership provides family, friends and supporters of Mercantile with the opportunity to have membership of one of Australia’s finest clubs. It includes access to the clubhouse and bar.