David Colvin

David "Chipper" Colvin currently serves as Operations Manager and coach at Mercantile Rowing Club, bringing a wealth of experience to coaching, stemming from a distinguished career in coxing that spans over 20 years. While he spent most of his coaching tenure focusing on the women's program, David also dedicated seasons to coaching lightweight men.

Drawing from his extensive background, David's coaching philosophy revolves around honing athletes' intuition for optimal boat performance. He believes that understanding the nuances of rowing mechanics is essential, but it's the ability to convey this knowledge that truly enhances an athlete's feel for the water.

David's keen interest lies in each athlete's unique setup within their boat, recognizing its pivotal role in unlocking their full potential. He emphasizes the importance of individualized attention to ensure athletes can maximize their performance.

Reflecting on his Olympic journey leading up to the Sydney 2000 Games, David understands the significance of the post-Olympic season as a time ripe with opportunities. Having coxed the 1992 Olympic M8+, he achieved two World Championship medals, and triumphed in prestigious races such as the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta (1997) and the Kings Cup (1985-2000).

His coaching accolades extend to guiding 15 Victorian State teams, including multiple victories in the Queen's Cup and coaching the 2006 Victoria Cup-winning crew, which set a new world best time. David's passion for coaching is fueled by the drive of motivated athletes, making every season an exciting journey towards excellence.

Chipper's favourite quote: "People are motivated by motivated people."

Colvin, David - Australian Rowing History
1997 Silver medal winning coxed pair - David right