Jason Izydorczyk

With over a decade of coaching experience, Jason Izydorczyk brings a wealth of expertise to Mercantile Rowing Club. Previously serving as a Senior Rowing Coordinator and Senior 1st VIII Rowing coach at Xavier College, Jason now plays a pivotal role in coaching the Men's Rowing Program at Mercantile. 

As an athlete, he experienced success with the Australian Under 19 team, Trans-Tasman team and Victorian State teams. Driven by the philosophy of progress over perfection, Jason believes in the essence of rowing: the dedication to training, the synergy of teamwork, and the value of incremental improvements towards the ultimate goal.

His focus extends to the individual setup of each athlete in their boat, understanding its critical role in unlocking their full potential. Through this attention to detail, Jason aims to cultivate a winning culture at Mercantile, where athletes are inspired to pursue excellence in their own unique ways. Jason's coaching portfolio includes guiding rowers and crews to compete at a national level, reinforcing his belief that excellence is not merely a habit but a culmination of consistent dedication and effort.

Jason's favourite quote: "Excellence is not a singular habit. You are what you repeatedly do."