Peter Somerville

Peter Somerville brings a wealth of international coaching experience to Mercantile Rowing Club. Former Head Coach at Ex Mercantile and Women's Team Coach at the University of London Boat Club, Peter's journey spans continents. From guiding Australian U19 and U23 teams to shaping the GB U23 and Senior teams, his coaching philosophy is rooted\ in diverse experiences.

Peter's passion for the sport shines through his work with the Victorian boys' and girls' Youth Eight, each endeavour developing his approach. With a mission to elevate Mercantile to premier status in Australian rowing, Peter collaborates with the senior coaching staff.

His achievements speak volumes, including a silver medal with the U23 women's 2- in Belgrade in 2003, and coaching the winning Remenham Challenge Cup crew at Henley Royal Regatta in 2004. Now, returning to coaching after completing his PhD, Peter is dedicated to excellence in coaching.